Snowboard Rentals

This is going to be a bit upsetting because 90% of all snowsport rentals are geared toward skiers. It is frustrating, but it is part of it if you don’t have your own gear. Most boarders do. However, if you are reading this because you are new to the game an looking to rent, the just expect this.

We have rented off and on over the years when it wasn’t possible to bring our gear, so we know the pain. We have gathered all of the places in the state that rent snowboards in Colorado (that we could find; I”m sure we missed a few), and they are listed below. So get ready, there is a bunch. We will look to do Utah next. Shout if you are interested in any state and we’ll look into it.

One word before we let you go through that huge list: buy your own helmet. Even with a scullcap or a thick head of hair, you won’t want someone else’s sweat on your melon.