As with most activities, snowboarding has its own set of trends. Everything from board shape to where people prefer to shred changes by the season, and keeping track of these trends can be difficult. What’s more difficult? Predicting these trends. While changes in design can be easier to track, larger, more fundamental aspects of snowboarding—everything from board shape to popular terrain—shift over years. We’ve been covering this stuff for some time, and we figured it’s time to share our knowledge of snowboarding trends with the world.

Snowboarding Today is a blog devoted to explaining snowboard shifts and predicting changes. We cover everything from changes in topsheet design to why more snowboarders than ever before are heading into the backcountry. If you’ve noticed a recent change in snowboarding style, apparel, or culture, we’ve probably covered it—or we’re expecting to cover it.

That said, if you’ve noticed a fashion or choice that we haven’t dissected, shoot us an email. We’d love to hear from you about what you’re observing out on the slopes. Similarly, if you have something to say about any of our pieces, don’t be afraid to leave a comment; trends are always up for interpretation, and we’re interested to hear what all you boarders have to say. Have an opinion about those kooky new snowboard shapes? Can’t stand Salomon’s new line of apparel? Let us know.