New Snowboarding Tricks: Backside Triple Cork 1620 to Switch Backside Triple Cork 1620

While the idea of a “new” snowboarding trick might seem a bit strange, athletes develop new techniques and tricks all the time. Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of speed and heights or trying to add another rotation to double backflip, there is always progress to be made in the world of freestyle snowboarding. This series details a few recent tricks and revelations in the freestyle community. 


If you had a difficult time reading the full name of this trick, you’re not alone—we had a difficult time spelling it out. This monster of a stunt was created and executed by Yuki Kadono, who previously clinched gold at the Air and Style Beijing back in 2012. Kadono has always been a big air threat; he’s incredibly good, remarkably inventive, and has taken top 10 finishes at big air events globally. 

At the Burton US Open finals last year, Kadono launched himself from a backside triple 1620 into a switch backside triple 1620. While this might not be as impressive as, say, a quad cork, back to back triples is a gigantic step forward for snowboarding, especially if the last one is a switch backside. All rotations coming from the backside are exponentially more difficult than frontside rotations, so switching between the two is nearly impossible. 

The result of the backside triple cork 1620 to switch backside triple cork 1620 is a graceful spinning nearly all the way down the track. It’s pretty damn impressive.  

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