New Snowboarding Tricks: Quad Cork 1800

While the idea of a “new” snowboarding trick might seem a bit strange, athletes develop new techniques and tricks all the time. Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of speed and heights or trying to add another rotation to double backflip, there is always progress to be made in the world of freestyle snowboarding. This series details a few recent tricks and revelations in the freestyle community. 


Back in 2010, Torstein Horgmo took snowboarding to a higher plane when he completed the first triple cork. At the end of 2016, British snowboarder Billy Morgan took the torch from Horgmo, turning the cork an additional 360 degrees. He performed and landed the first-ever (recorded) quad cork 1800. 

The full name of the trick would be quite a mouthful if snowboarding lingo hadn’t shortened it. Officially known as the backside 1800 quadruple cork, Morgan’s trick flipped on both a vertical and horizontal axis, thus forming the cork rotation. The twisting on two axes is known as a cork—just think of a corkscrew.  

Morgan himself has a background in gymnastics, so it’s no surprise that this limber athlete was the first (and, to our knowledge, only) person to successfully execute this ridiculous maneuver.  


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