Snowboard Video Lesson Review: 10 Tips for Snowboard Carving Turns

Intermediate Snowboarders Will Love This Video About Carving

SnowboardProCamp’s “Learning How To Carve” video is highly recommended for men and women intermediate snowboarders because the useful tips would probably be too complex for a beginner. Most beginners want to just focus on the basis of snowboarding as learning how to ride around a turn would be too terrifying.

Get Ready to Learn Something New

The video was definitely worth the time for intermediate snowboarders and maybe even some advanced ones. The two guys in the video did a great job teaching how to carve with accuracy, control, and speed by doing simple demonstrations that watchers can easily repeat in their free time.

Although I didn’t learn anything really cool in the first twenty seconds, the video did eventually teach some awesome carving techniques.

I really enjoyed learning how to toe and heel carve. The two guys taught this technique in an easy way that just made sense to me.

I would definitely recommend this video to my friends because the guys kept it entertaining and informative. Most importantly, the video was extremely fun to watch, and it made me want to go out and try these cool carve moves as soon as possible.

The Video is Definitely a Must See

I strongly recommend this video for intermediate snowboarders who are looking to progress to the next level by learning how to turn aggressively or do some awesome tricks.

In a society filled with annoying clickbait, I loved how the title accurately described what the video was going to be about. I also loved how the video was short and stayed on topic. Fortunately, the guys never rambled on and on about useless information.

A very large percentage of the comments on the video were also positive. Some people did mention some ways to carve better, but these commenters seem to be advanced snowboarders.

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