Snowboard Video Lesson Review: 4 Snowboarding Moves That Will Change Your Life

Let’s Check Out “4 Snowboarding Moves that Can Change Your Life”

Do you want to take snowboarding to the next level? If so, checking out Snowboarding Addiction’s video on “4 Snowboarding Moves that Can Change Your Life.”

Who Is The Video For?

Right from the beginning, the video targets advanced snowboarders. The narrative addresses the viewer as if he/she has significant experience snowboarding. The “Four Moves” aren’t basic ones, either. Details on posture and positioning would benefit an experienced snowboarder looking to perform a little flashier on the slopes. Side-slipping and pressing on the nose and tail require skills. Performing jumps and spins, more so.

Was It Worth the Time?

Yes, the video is an excellent one loaded with important details about base, balance, and positioning. The video might not be lengthy, but it covers a ton of material about complicated moves. The team creating these videos not only discussed how to perform the moves from many different perspectives. That said, these moves are geared towards the experienced snowboarder. The video even provides insights into how to take the four moves and put them together in combinations.

Should You Watch the Video?

Yes, a lot of effort went into the making of this video. In addition to the helpful technical information, the video is quite entertaining. Snowboarders will enjoy it.

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