Snowboard Video Lesson Review: 5 Tips for Intermediate Sliding Turns – Snowboard Tutorial

Let’s Check Out 5 Tips for Intermediate Sliding Turns – Snowboard Lesson

The Video Is For Intermediate Snowboarders

Since the video is teaching fairly complex turns, it’s perfect for intermediate snowboarders who already know basic skills.

Men and women intermediate snowboarders are likely to enjoy learning the sliding turns taught in this video.

Video Captures The Audience’s Attention

One of the first things that I really loved about this video is that it captured my attention immediately. Because the snowboarder was doing intermediate turns in the intro, I was eager to learn how to perform them myself, which definitely kept me interested in the video.

After watching the video, I learned so much about performing intermediate turns properly that I couldn’t wait to share the information with my friends who snowboard.

My favorite tip was to anticipate every turn by using the shoulders. I have been twisted while snowboarding, so now I know how to keep it from happening.

I also really appreciated the tip about bending the knees while riding through bumpy and uneven terrain. I didn’t realize that this can help with making sure I don’t fall off the snowboard.

Intermediate Snowboarders Should Definitely Watch This Video

I definitely think that the video is worth watching.

The title of the video accurately described what it was going to be about, and I loved how the video stayed on topic. These types of “short and sweet” videos are the best.

The length of the video was perfect. The speaker was able to describe intermediate slides in detail while also including great demonstrations. The video was worth watching because it featured five great tips for doing intermediate turns effectively.

I also enjoyed the quality of the video. It was extremely crisp, which made learning the tips through the demonstrations much easier.

Many commenters also liked this video, and several were excited to try out the tips soon.

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