Snowboard Video Lesson Review: Advanced Snowboarding Tips – How to Go Fast on a Snowboard

Let’s Check It Out: Advanced Snowboarding Tips for How to Go Fast??

The Video Is Recommended For Advanced Snowboarders

The video is recommended for advanced snowboarders who would like to improve their speed.

Men and women might enjoy watching the snowboarder go fast on this video as long as they aren’t expecting any tips.

No Information Was Presented In The Video

In my opinion, the video was not worth watching.

I didn’t learn anything in the first twenty minutes of the video, and I also didn’t gain any information as the video progressed.

The speaker in the video did not present any information about how to increase speed without falling or getting hurt.

In fact, I still don’t know how to properly increase my snowboarding speed.

The video was slightly entertaining and beneficial if you all you want to do is watch someone snowboard fast. Maybe some people can learn this way, but I believe that most people cannot.

The Video Was Not Worth Watching

Even though the video was only a minute or so long, I don’t think that it was worth watching.

The title of the video is also extremely misleading. All the speaker did was go down the slopes really fast on his snowboard without providing any tips on how to do so. As a result, the video should be titled “Watch Me Snowboard Fast.”

The quality of the video was also poor. Perhaps, he would have had better luck filming on a sunny day. He may also need to invest in a better camera to obtain crisp videos.

Luckily, I wasn’t the only one who thought that the video could be greatly improved. Many of the people who commented on the video were not satisfied with its contents. These commenters also wondering why there were no tips.

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