Snowboard Video Lesson Review: Beginner Snowboard Jump Progression

Should You Watch: Beginner Snowboard Jump Progression with Doug

Intermediate And Beginner Snowboarders: This Video Is For You

A truly awesome video about snowboarding jumps, I would highly recommend this video to intermediate snowboarders who have a great grasp of basic jumps.

Regardless of whether you’re a man or woman, any intermediate snowboarder will enjoy watching this video.

Some beginner snowboarders may enjoy watching the video as well, especially if they are interested in learning these jumps in the future.

An Informative Video Well Worth The Time

In my opinion, watching this video was definitely worth the time.

I really like the intro, which showed two guys telling us what the video was going to be about while they were riding on the ski lift. Along with its absolutely beautiful backdrop, the movement of the ski lift immediately caught my attention. Of course, I was also interested in what the two guys were saying.

The video was definitely worth watching in its entirety. I loved how Doug was willing to practice his jumps on video. It was great seeing another intermediate snowboarder perform jumps because we can learn from his mistakes.

I also appreciated that Doug was willing to provide the audience with much feedback from his jumps. I really enjoyed hearing his opinion about the jumps and how he could improve them.

Watch This Video To Learn Snowboarding Jumps

I would highly recommend beginner and intermediate snowboarders to watch the video.

The title accurately describes this video, so viewers’ time definitely will not be wasted.

In addition to being extremely informative, I also thought that the video was pretty entertaining. There were several times where snowboarders could be seen “flying” on the jumps.

Many viewers also agreed that the video provided some great tips, and it was entertaining at times.

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