Snowboard Video Lesson Review: How to Fall Safely on a Snowboard

Beginner Snowboarders: Let’s Know How To Fall

Although every snowboarder could probably benefit from watching this short clip, the video is mostly geared toward beginners as most of them do not know how to fall properly.

Men and women who do not know how to fall on their snowboards would enjoy watching this informative video.

There Are Two Ways To Fall

I didn’t necessarily learn anything in the first 20 seconds, but that part of the video was certainly entertaining. It was really cool to see the snowboarder doing all of those fun tricks before he started talking about the falling tips even started.

The video was definitely worth watching in its entirety because he teaches you ways to fall without getting hurt. I didn’t know that there were two ways to fall, and I’m sure other beginner snowboarders would not know this either if they didn’t watch the video.

The video was just over a minute long, so it wasn’t hard for it to held my attention. It could have been a lot longer, though. More specifically, I would have loved to see the falls captured in slow motion a few times. The demonstrator’s falls were so quick that it was hard to completely capture the techniques.

A Short And Sweet Video Worth Watching

While the video could be greatly improved in many ways, I still think beginner snowboarders should watch it, especially if they are unfamiliar with how to fall without hurting themselves. The last thing that they want is to end up in the hospital for practicing a fun sport.

The title of the video was not clickbait, so I was very thankful for that. The video stayed on topic the entire time.

During the video, I was pretty distracted by the speaker’s sunglasses. I would would have liked him to take those sunglasses off. Since I couldn’t maintain eye contact with him, I felt like I couldn’t fully trust his advice. If he took off the sunglasses, he’ll probably seem more credible to us video watchers.

Most people in the comments loved the video’s great content just like me. Of course, many commenters believe that their body might be in better shape had they watched this video before learning how to snowboard. We live and learn, though!

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