Snowboard Video Lesson Review: How To Improve Your Riding On A Snowboard

Review of Snowboard Addiction’s “How to Improve Your Riding on a Snowboard”

Who was this video for?

This video is definitely geared towards intermediate riders, of any gender. It discusses different ways to improve the way that someone rides a snowboard. However, none of the tips or exercises discussed would be of much help to a complete beginner who is only just learning how to move on a snowboard. This is not to say that the video does not have the potential to be useful to a beginner. It is very possible that watching this video as a beginner could give a rider good tips to keep in the back of their head. However, it is more so explaining how to further improve a skill-level that has already been established.

Was it worth the time?

This video tutorial is well shot, and the narration is clear and easy to understand. There is not a ton of fluff or filler content, as the narrator quickly gets into the content at the beginning of the video. There are helpful tips given at a reasonable pace, many of which would probably be suggested during a snowboarding lesson with an instructor. To get the most out of the video, a viewer should without a doubt watch the entire thing!

Why you should (or shouldn’t) watch it?

You could pick up a tip or two from watching this video, even if you are a total snowboarding beginner. However, if you are looking for an exact guide on what to expect during your first time out on the slopes, this may not be what you’re looking for. If you’re an intermediate rider, you should take a few minutes to watch. There are some comments from users who have been riding for over ten years saying how shocked they were to hear tips that even they hadn’t yet heard.

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