Snowboard Video Lesson Review: How to REALLY Get Better at Snowboarding!

Will this Video Teach You How to Really Get Better at Snowboarding?

Who can benefit from watching this?

If you are a beginning snowboarder or are considering picking up the sport, this may be the video to help give you the motivation to get started.

Is It Worth Your Time?

This video gives no practical tips for how to improve your snowboarding technique. If you enjoy watching someone having fun on a snowboard, he is mildly entertaining. However, if your goal is to get concrete tips for how to get started or things to improve your skill, you are better off just going out and trying it. Oh wait, that was one of the tips!

If you need some inspiration that you too can learn to have fun on a board, then it is worth your time. So many times the biggest hurdle to get over is thinking you can achieve something new. Matt does a good job of helping you feel like you could do it too.

What Others Are Saying

Most of the comments are overwhelmingly positive for this video. Matt has inspired a lot of aspiring snowboarders. There are some requests for more specific tips, especially from those just beginning. As Matt says, though, if you are new to snowboarding, the best thing you can do is get out there and get on your board.

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