Snowboard Video Lesson Review: How to Snowboard – the basics of riding for your first day

Let’s Check Out: How to Snowboard and the Basics of First-Day Riding

Can you benefit from this video?

If you are a beginner, you must watch this video. Whether you have never been on a snowboard, or struggle to stay on your feet, these are some great tips.

Is It Worth Your Time?

If what you are seeking is immediate tips and things you can try, this is the right video.

Within 30 seconds, you are getting tips on how to stand and start riding a snowboard. While it would be great to think you can get on a board and just start going, but there is definitely a skill to learn.

This video walks you through all of the beginning steps to riding a snowboard. Now, there is no showing off how cool the instructor is, or how many cool things she can do. It is focused entirely on helping the beginner learn what they need to start riding.

For people who can ride a board down a hill, this video will be mundane and boring. However, the beginner could take their phone to a hill and use this for their virtual instructor.

What Others Are Saying

People have generally found this video helpful, even suggesting it was more helpful than an actual instructor they have worked with. The video itself is produced in cooperation with REI, but does not take a spin to try to and sell products. If you need a good beginning instructional video, this is a great place to start.

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