Snowboard Video Lesson Review: Tips By Chicks – How To Improve Your Snowboarding As A Girl

Why You Should Watch ‘Tips By Chicks – How To Improve Your Snowboarding’

Snowboarding Chicks Will Love This Video

If you are a woman who is just learning to snowboard, you will love this video.

Since the video’s speaker is a woman, I could easily relate to what she was saying because I am a female myself.

The video will put beginner snowboarders at ease, especially if they are women.

Although the video wasn’t particularly made for men, male snowboarders may find the video interesting as well as its tips are also important in life.

Learn Snowboarding And Life Skills

Due to the fact that the video offered snowboarding tips that could easily be recognized as life tips, I believe that it was definitely worth the time to watch.

Just in the first twenty seconds, the video captured my interest. I love that the speaker was energetic about the video, and I appreciated that she stated the topic before it officially started.

I also loved that the speaker maintained eye contact by keeping her goggles off. In other snowboarding videos, I find it frustrating when the speakers talked to us with sunglasses or goggles on. It’s just hard to build trust with the audience if viewers can’t see the speaker’s eyes.

Not only did the speaker maintain excellent eye contact, she also presented the audience with some pretty great tips.

I especially loved the tips about snowboarding with friends because it reinforces that women have to be safe while practicing this fun sport.

In addition, I found the tip about creating goals really useful. As women, it’s easy to compare ourselves to other people, but focusing on our own snowboarding goals will prevent this from happening too much.

Female Snowboarders: This Video Is A Must-Watch

Women snowboarders should make it a priority to watch this video.

The title of the video accurately described its contents, so they don’t have to worry about it being a waste of time.

Many commenters noted that the video gave them much encouragement because of the female representation.

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