Snowboarding Trend Analysis for Early 2019

The new year is just around the corner, and the holiday season will yield some new gear for snowboarders worldwide. Some trends from the beginning of this season will continue, but we’re expecting a few new shapes and tricks to spring up in January. If you want to be on top of your snowboarding game, check out these anticipated trends – and maybe pick up a new board at a year-end sale.


The short/fat trend will continue. Shorter, wider snowboards have been in vogue for some time, and we’re not expecting this phenomenon to slow down. We don’t blame the riders; it’s difficult to argue with shapes that are both fun and nimble. Wider and shorter boards allow riders to tackle a wide variety of conditions, changing the way you ride. Plus, the shorter the board, the easier it’ll be to land some cool new tricks at the terrain park.


Freestyle shapes will get weird but remain functional. Boutique brands in the United States have been experimenting with some weird shapes in recent years, but most snowboarders argue it impacts the quality of the ride. Now, some mainstream brands like Never Summer and K2 are beginning to experiment with corner shapes, changing the ride style but not impeding speed or turn ability. If you see one of these rides available for a demo, check it out.


Outerwear is getting an environmentally sustainable upgrade. While jacket and pant styles and designs haven’t changed, sourcing and material use is seeing a massive upgrade. More snowboard retailers are shifting to sustainable production, meaning more jackets are made of recycled materials than ever before. Patagonia has been in the spotlight for several years, but others, such as the North Face, Everlane, and Mineral and Jack are beginning to follow suit.

Ski and snowboard goggles switch to interchangeable lenses. Goggles with interchangeable lenses have been on the market for a couple of years, but 2019 will see this option explode into a mainstream trend. Choosing your goggle color and material can significantly improve vision on the mountain, so this is both a style and safety trend.


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