The Best Ski Resort in Colorado for Snowboarding is….

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is what’s the best ski resort in Colorado for snowboarders. We could talk about the variety of Steamboat or the sheer size of Vail, but when really pressed to name just one ski resort in Colorado, our vote goes to Copper Mountain. For one thing, it’s got some consistently amazing terrain across its parks. It’s also often the first resort to open, so for those snowboarders who have that early season itch and who are looking to avoid some of the biggest crowds, this is definitely a top-rated choice.

Terrain and Lift Tickets

If you’re going with a crowd of varying skill levels, they have a 22-foot superpipe that tends to impress yet offer some sense of inclusivity. They also have a 19,400-square-foot indoor facility with foam pits, trampolines, and simulated snow for those who are still learning, rusty from last year, or hard-core snowboarders. It’s not just snowboarders, either. The whole resort strikes a balance between family-friendly environs and world-class terrain and slopes.

So, for the first-timer and out-of-towners, let’s talk about the logistics of visiting Copper Mountain for a minute. Like most ski resorts with multiple, first-rate terrain parks, you’re going to need a lift ticket to access all of the resort’s area for snowboarders. Finding discount copper mountain lift tickets when you are on the hill is pretty much impossible, so we recommend buying tickets online before you go.        This is also a situation in which you may be able to find the best deals by searching as a group for multiple tickets. You can also look into season passes and ticket packages, if you’re not just in town once a year.

Lodging and Costs

Indeed, this resort brings in all kinds of folks including locals as well as people from out of town and out of the country on a major ski vacation. Halfway between Breckenridge and Vail, the resort is a pretty good drive from Denver, but certainly you can take this on as a day trip if you’re really focused and don’t mind getting up early. From Airbnb to more traditional lodging, you can typically find something in the style and budget you have in mind. Last we checked, you can find a lodging search tool directly on the Copper Mountain website.

Early season or late season, you can take advantage of the best of Copper Mountain’s snowboarding terrain without breaking the bank. While it isn’t exactly cheap, you can typically find lift tickets and lodging for a little less at Copper Mountain than either Breckenridge or Vail. So, while you can have an honest debate about which ski resort in Colorado is the best for snowboarders, we think Copper Mountain is a more clear-cut favorite for the most underrated snowboarding destination.

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