The Top 5 Best Snowboard Goggles for Snowboarders

If you are serious about snowboarding then you need to be serious about your safety. Safety should be your number one concern. And part of being safe when snowboarding is wearing snowboard goggles. Snowboarding goggles make it easier for you to see when it is snowing, windy or both. Even if it’s not windy you still want to wear snowboarding goggles. You never want to risk getting ice or snowflakes in your eyes. It can actually be very painful.

Below we have put together a list of the top 5 best snowboard goggles for snowboarders.

1 – Carerra Raptor

These snowboard goggles are perfect for those non extreme weather days. They have a multi blue mirror that make them the ideal pair of goggles for a nice day out on the slopes. If you are a beginner snowboarder and aren’t really into jumps and tricks these goggles will be the perfect match for you.

2 – Spy Apollo Black Stallion

If you are a minimalist these are the goggles you need. They offer great eye protection but aren’t too over the top. The multi base mosaic lens provides you with excellent peripheral vision with it’s great design. It fits perfectly around your heads natural curve making it easier for you to see while snowboarding.

3 – Burton Realm

If you will be snowboarding in sunny weather these are the goggles you need. They are actually one of the most advanced pair of goggles on the market today. One of its best features is Anon optics with anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment. If you want to switch things up a bit you can easily change the strap. And with the airmesh ventilation system you know you are getting plenty of air in all the right areas. In other words you don’t have to worry about fog which is a serious problem for

4 – The Spy Solider

Only professional snowboarders will invest in a pair of Spy Solider snowboard goggles. They will work with or without a helmet. The really cool thing about these snowboard goggles is that they will actually conform to the shape and size of your face. That means they will fit perfectly. They too have the arc ventilation system that helps keep the fog away. It also uses dri-force fleece which ensures your face stays cool and comfortable while you are snowboarding.

5 – The Spy Trevor

If you are more concerned with looking cool in your goggles then you need to get a pair of the Spy Trevor model. These are by far the coolest looking Spy snowboard goggles I have ever seen. They have a retro look and they provide 100% UV protection. How great is that? And if you happen to fall your eyes will be well protected by the polycarbonate cylindrical lens system. They will stay in place and they will help to protect one of your most valuable assets. And the best part is that they will never fog up or scratch.



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